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2014 Happenings

Been a while since our last update. We are currently hard at work (literally working a job and working on a Master’s degree) on a batch of new tunes to be released as some sort of album or EP. Currently have one show on the horizon in August at a semi-private event – more details to come or shoot us a message for an invite. You may also catch us in the Cape Ann area for a few impromptu performances with some of our favorite people. For now, dig on this creative common remix of his hit single

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Native Summer Recording and Danny Brown Remix

Some new music for you to listen to. We were able to obtain a soundboard recording of our Native Summer set, featuring Andrew Robinson on Sax and David Garcia on Percussion. Lots of new material here, let us know what you think of it.

And for even more new music, here is a remix of Danny Brown’s “Grown Up.” Digget Bruh Bruh

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Native Summer

Been a while since our last post! Coming up next weekend is Native Summer at Page Farm in Croydon NH. We will be playing Saturday Oct. 12 from 12:15-1:15 PM on the main stage. Lots of other solid acts on the line-up and the venue is sweet. Tickets are only $40 which is a steal.  Saxophonist extraordinaire Andrew Robinson will be sitting in for our entire set as well!

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A Day in the Life of ODB

For the first of many remixes/tunes-with-samples-we-couldn’t-imagine-clearing which we are releasing in 2013 is A Day in the Life of ODB. This one has been re-worked for live performance a number of times over the last year and is now finally seeing the light of day on our soundcloud.

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2013 Update

It’s been a while since our last update, so here is what’s new in 2013. We just finished up a remix of Bear Porch for our good friend Creative Common. You should expect to hear that later this year when his Root EP remix album drops. Expect to see some more collaborations with Creative Common later this year as well!

We have been working on a variety of new music, and hope to have a new EP of all original material ready for the late spring/early summertime. We’ve also been sitting on a few remixes that will see the light of day before then. In the meantime enjoy “Eight Thumbs,” a track made entirely with sounds from electric bass.

We have also been fairly active on our Tumblr page. You can follow us over there for links, photos, and the occasional sneak peak at new material.

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Slow Down

Our latest EP Slow Down drops today on Bandcamp & SoundCloud. It contains three raw and heavy tracks that we have been working on and playing out for the last year. You can download it for free, or toss us a donation.

Download on BandCamp
Download on SoundCloud

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Gulu-Gulu Show This Weekend!

That’s right, you heard right, the secret word for this weekend is Gulu-Gulu! We are doing a massive show this Saturday night at the all ages venue, and it’s free as always. Starting off at 8 O’clock sharp with a set of B-sides and other strange material, followed up by a long “regular” set. We’ll then take a break and let Dr. DK take over for an hour or so. To wrap things up our good buddy and keyboardist extraordinaire Justin Lopes will be joining us for a “live band” set of originals, covers, and improvisations.

Facebook Link for Gulu-Gulu Show

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Somerville Show and Uphoria 2012

We have got two shows coming up this Spring/Early Summer. First up on Friday April 6, we will be doing a set at the Rosebud Bar and Lounge in Somerville as part of “All Together Now” put on by UnRegular Radio. This is our first time playing in Somerville and we are happy to be on such a packed line-up. We will be on first at 9PM, followed by Pressure System, Bonfire Bandit, and Robot and the Wizard. 21+, $5 online $7 at the door.

Facebook Link for Somerville show

We are also extremely stoked to be a part of Uphoria 2012! Our good friends at Crutopia have been hard at work all year planning this fest and we can personally guarantee that it will be sick. It all goes down May 17-19 at Kaplan farm in Millerton New York (our first show in NY as well!).

Facebook Link for Uphoria 2012

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Free EP Download and Stone Church Show

We wanted to give something out to start off your 2012 right, so download and enjoy our first EP ”MiaDW”! It’s available for free on our bandcamp page, featuring 8 tracks that have been in steady rotation at our live shows in 2011.
Download the MiaDW EP

We are also raging at the Stone Church again tomorrow night with Outlet and The Edd. It’s 21+ and $5and going to be insane.
Facebook Link for Stone Church show 12.29

And here’s a video of “Alternative Perspective” from our last Stone Church show

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